Their View: Deadline Day

Reading through some of the posts and tweets throughout a, shall we say, interesting Transfer Deadline Day, I thought it was only right we assemble them all into one post so we can see Carlisle fans’ views on what was an eagerly anticipated signing of Charlie Wyke as well as Kevin Toner…and of course, Penney and Hanson who looked over the moon to be signing…

Pre Deadline Day

“Speaking of fans on twitter, this whole Wyke situation hasn’t half brought out the weird online fans hasn’t it? Both Carlisle and Bradford, some proper weird folk about.”

“Abbott can fuck clean off like. Was it not enough for him to get us relegated? Now he wants to stop us getting promoted as well?”

“There is no interest from Bradford city for Charlie Wyke.”

With the £250k + the £6k we are officially minted

“Fuck Bradford, he is our player and he leaves on our terms. If they don’t like it, tough.”

“I’m worried that it’s all going to be left until last minute meaning no time to get a replacement over the line and come Wednesday morning we’ll only have 2 forwards on our books. That would be fucking disastrous.”

“250k release … Is that it… Jeez”

“250k is that it. Which clown at Carlisle let them put such a small release clause in?”

“More game time for Shaun Miller who’s actually a better player”

“Bradford signing Jamie Proctor. they did say they were after 2 forwards mind. If its a permanent deal its looking to be around the 250k mark. May still be a loan mind.”

“Proctor is shite.”

“It seems the Bradford bed wetters are getting in to a bit of a tizzy over on their forum. Bless em.”

“Its amazing how desperate they are for Wyke but haven’t seen him play most of em.”

“Be the right move for him in terms of progression. Top end of League 1 and likely he’d get plenty pitch time…”

“Mind you that lad from Germany that Bradford are looking at might not be a bad bet and be good to nick one from under Abbotts nose”

“If it is true Greg Abbott screws Carlisle United once again. He’s a major reason we are in League 2 and could be a major reason we’ll be staying there…”

Deadline Day

“Honestly all the best to the lad. Bigger club, bigger wages and might be in the championship next season.”

“This time two years Wyke will be begging to come back, #bcafc in League 2 and #cufc in Championship. #RememberThisTweet”

“It’s sad when players get advised badly, Wyke taking a huge step backwards going from #cufc to sinking ship of #bcafc”

“Wyke car reported stolen. Perhaps spotted abandoned outside some ex-premier football club.”

“Halfway through deadline day and we’ve still got him…”

“Bradford isn’t much bigger than Carlisle with a harder catchment area.”

“With McCall away (at Oxford United) i can’t wait to see the smile on GA’s face in the pictures”

“Seems he’s on his way! Devastating but good luck to him at Bradford they’ve got a good one hope it works out for him”

“Glad I’m off work so people can’t see me having a meltdown…”

“I’m sure Charlie Wyke has a heart condition which means he can’t play football in Yorkshire @officialbantams worth double checking”

“@Charliewyke1 we need you to stay! Give us another 6 months and help push into League 1”

“Gonna be absolute hell on when this £12k from the Crowdfunding buys nothing but new lightbulbs for the scoreboard”

“yes i know charlie wyke said he didnt want to leave but im afraid money talks football is a business now”

“you can guarantee that wyke signing for Bradford wont be announced until 22.59 tonight”

“And the irony is lost to muppet Abbott whose one line refrain was we are just little carlisle we cannot attract the good players!!!

“These #bcafc fans gloating to #cufc over signing their key player/striker are giving me vomit issues. Give up now #gipworthy”

“Selling our top striker to a side that was well below us before the 9 year rot set in sums up our return to early 90s doldrums”

“Goodbye promotion hopes”

“Lazy Charlie Wyke gone, desperately need a goal scorer to step to replace that snake” 

“Thanks for everything @Charliewyke1 – you will be missed!! Good luck at Manningham Lane FC”

“Anyone else think the obsession with Abbott is a bit weird?”

Chief Exec’s View

“As we said last week, we did what we could to convince Charlie to stay with us but he’s come to the decision that his future is with Bradford…We didn’t want or need to sell the player, but it’s difficult to persuade someone to continue their development with you if they’re being advised to move on.”


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