Their View: Oldham 1-2 City

Back to winning ways and back to cementing a place in the top 6. A creditable win at Oldham with praise from the opposition of City’s style and performance.

Attendance: 6,515 (2,871)

“Don’t know how we scored and kept them down to 2!! Credit to Clarke, Gerrard and Ripley, Holloway put a shift in…motm by a mile the ballboy.”

“Better team won. Ripley and Fane came out with some credit but fair play to Bradford.Not many will turn them over this season.”

“Can’t argue with that result. Bradford are a good side.”

“To me it was men against boys today – I’m sure Bradford had more players – it felt like they had at least two more! And pace and movement. Whereas we were slow and plodding.”

“Although the goals could have been avoided – Reckord’s fault for the corner and it wasn’t a foul for their free kick – they deserved the victory. Organised at the back, kept the ball in midfield, used width and were dangerous going forward and from set pieces.”

“The ball boy was a bit silly in front of their fans but he didn’t deserve to be coined. I hope the Police look at the CCTV footage and take the appropriate action. Disgusting behaviour from a handful of braindead morons.”

“Beaten by a better side.”

“It shouldn’t be news to any of us that we struggle in midfield it’s just been highlighted today by what was the best performance I’ve seen from a league 1 team at BP this season. Cullen and Clarke in the middle were impressive for them.”

“Midfield outplayed today, never got near any of their Bradford counterparts. Having said that Bradford were by far the best team I’ve seen so far.”

“Outclassed by a much better side. Can’t argue with the result at all.”

“Bradford were by far and away the best side in this division I have seen so far, Moved the ball about at pace and then quality balls into the channels for the wide men to pick up, if it wasn’t for Ripley we would have been looking at 4 or 5. Dieng plays his role well in the midfield tidying up and simple distribution, it would have been a travesty if they hadn’t beaten us with our midfield being so poor.”

“Today was a good test and we came up short…I have no complaints over the result the better team won, how they didn’t score more I’ll never know.”

“Bradford are a better side than us and enjoyed the match better than most at home this season.”

“Thought today’s game against one of the best teams in Div 1 exposed our weaknesses at left back,midfield and our lack of a fox in the box. Not many teams will beat Bradford.”

“I don’t think we were that bad yesterday. Bradford were just better.”

“I agree that Bradford were much the better team but dont think we could have complained if it had finished 0-3 or 0-4.”

“Bradford are a very good side. Although we managed a 1-1 draw at their place, it was an extremely one sided game and they played some lovely football. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything from this one (and feared a right drubbing).”

“Fwiw I thought no 4 (Law ??) Was outstanding for them while still keeping it simple. Really made things tick.”

“J.S. defends his team(quite rightly)over the Bradford loss and stated their hard work was not good enough to overcome a much superior Bradford City side.”

“A few quid through the gate at last, 2871 visiting Bantams supporters the best by far with only Bolton Wanderers and Sheffield United capable of matching it this season.”

“A valiant effort today, unfortunately no match for Bradfords superb movement off the ball. Mark Marshall in midfield was unplayable at times.”

“The Latics were chasing shadows for much of the game with the Bradford midfield totally superior in all departments. The folly of allowing Dieng to leave without taking up the 12 month option was there for all to see. The comparison between him and Fane was like chalk and cheese!”

“Absolute Top display of goalkeeping from C.Ripley if it wasn’t for him it could have been 5 or 6 – Bradford looked very good.”

Manager’s View

“Bradford were the better team and you can see why they are up there.”



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