Their View: Shrewsbury Town 1-0 City

​Back to earth with a thud. A defeat to a team we rarely beat at theirs. It’s actually funnier to read the Bradford fans tearing their hair out after this result but, in keeping with the theme, here’s Shrewsbury fans’ views, with particular thanks going to NKP.

Attendance: 5,590 (924)

“YESSSSSSSS. Huge win”

“Bradford knocked the ball around well and looked lively but only really created chances from set pieces, when we again rather lunged into tackles near the penalty box.”

“I don’t remember a clear Bradford chance.”

“Bradford still resort to ‘hoof it to Hanson’ which is refreshingly backward. They never win here. Huge win.”

“Bradford looked a big side that Hanson came on didn’t use his feet once ever ball he played was headed or chested. Their number 4 was best player on pitch”

“Great result we were better side”

“According to the Bradford board, they should be beating the likes of Shrewsbury.”

“Bradford looked good and moved the ball around well but we stood up to them particularly in the first half.”

“Just looked at our goal which came as a result of NKP’s mistake.A more cynical player than NKP would have hacked down Dodds and taken a yellow card. He had the opportunity to do so but didn’t. All credit to NKP, though not sure his Manager will have been too impressed.”

“YES! Thanks NKP”

“With all our defensive woes there was something beautifully ironic about scoring because of a Knight-Percival error.”

“We should have been out of the game after 30 mins, with a bit more Bradford care in the penalty area.”

“What an afternoon at the Meadow. Best this season? That runs anything close – even Millwall away?”

“The team did great today. And we deserved that win. Same again next time lads!”

“Just had a look on Claret and Banters 19 page thread.
After you wade through the first 13 pages of pre-match comment, and then 3 pages of those listening to the match  on the radio at home and moaning about their performance, the last 3 pages are from those who were actually at the match. There’s a fair bit of praise for our high pressing formation and PH having done his homework on Bradford.”

Manager’s View

“Against a team like Bradford, who then throw big James Hanson on, it seemed like the second-half took a long time.That said, I thought they [players] were outstanding, with the effort they put in, and created the best chances, apart from the goal.”


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