Their View: City 2-0 Chesterfield

Chesterfield fans go into meltdown following off and on the field problems, culminating in the sacking of Danny Wilson. Hardly surprising Mr Kettle came in for some criticism too.

Attendance: 17,416 (267)

“fuck off Wilson we’re a shambles”


“Wilson. Out.”

“Wilson has to go NOW!”

“Not a chance Wilson can turn this around……. he is totally clueless and needs to go ASAP”

“You can’t polish a turd Wilson tha might aswell give up everyone else has”

“Taxi for Wilson, go now twat.”

“If Danny Wilson is still here next match Dave Allen needs hitting with a big bat.”

“A big Kettle mistake stopped a big change in the game, Ched gets in front of the last defender in the box, just about to shoot and is tripped, clear penalty and sending off, ref waves play on and Evatt after the match says when he asked Kettle why it wasn’t a penalty said it was 2 players coming together.”

“Mr Kettle certainly favoured the home team today.”

“For the majority of the game we matched Bradford, but they penalised our mistakes. We had 6 or 7 really good chances to score but some poor finishing.”

“Kettle went for the easy option yesterday, keep the crowd onside. It shows you are not good enough for promotion! You relied on a homer ref to get the result.”


Manager’s View: Danny Wilson

“It’s difficult to put into words at the moment, we’ve conceded two goals with passes that we should avoid.

For the first goal we must have 40 yards of space around ourselves and we try and play a ball that’s never on and they counter attack on us.

The second one is exactly the same, the ball goes into the box, it’s flat and there’s nobody there and its counter attack again.

In-between that and before that we’ve had enough chances to get something out of the game against a team that’s in the top six. Second half we’ve had opportunities and not taken them, and that’s it in a nutshell.”


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