Their View: City 0-0 Charlton

2 points dropped? 1 point gained? Is Bradford a mediocre town? Your burning questions answered by Charlton fans from Saturday’s ‘entertaining’ 0-0.

Attendance: 17,968 (618)

“We really did deserve 3 points on our excellent 1st half showing the referee was very reluctant to book their players, their 22 eventually booked late after numerous fouls that our players were booked for the first time they did something similar.”

“Seeing our three strikers pressuring their defence into mistakes was great and the only shame was that we didn’t convert any of the good chances we created in the first half.”

“Great afternoon. Had a nice pint in the ‘Corn Dolly’ real ale pub with home fans before the game. Very friendly and welcoming and good humour about football behind the scenes, explaining our B&W scarves and protest shirts.”

“Bradford play exciting open football, as do we now and it was disappointing to hear the half-time and full-time whistles. Not enjoyed a drawn match of football as much for quite a while.”

“We were the better side first half and really, really should have scored. 2nd half Bradford came back at us without really threatening.”

“Really good performance and a great match – if anyone asks you how a game that ends 0-0 can be exciting then this one should provide the answer.”

“We were on the ropes for the first ten minutes, but after that Bradford rarely troubled us except for a couple of counter attacks.”

“But I thought Bradford’s Dienge (sic) and Law were quality and overshadowed our central pairing.”

“…lovely to see a big ground fairly full. First half was ace. Second half was a bit dull. They had a good tricky winger who was quite old school and enjoyable to watch.”

“At the game, should’ve been 3-0 up at half time, hit the goal frame twice with their keeper nowhere. City fan admitted to me after the game that we should’ve taken the 3 points.”

“Mediocre town with crap pubs and away end. Think if we’d had fewer injuries we’d have won that. Otherwise a draw is fair.”

“First half we were really very threatening. Second very good defensively although City moans about lack of a finisher on their boards fully justified. Some great saves by both keepers. Haven’t enjoyed a game and a day so much for a long while. 4 pints for less than £8 very welcome too.”

“a VERY good performance against a good Bradford outfit which had us under pressure at the finish .. but all in all we were unfortunate not to win this…”

“1st Charlton game for a long time that I enjoyed being at. Both teams played football ending goalless was not a disappointment”

“Just seen Patrick Bauer’s 2nd yellow… what a load of rubbish refereeing that was”

“Bradford had quality and a great place to watch the football. They had a much better midfield. I have never seen such a slow Charlton midfield”

“Positive first half from Charlton. Should have scored one at least. Far too slow though and dominated in the second half.”

“Bossed the first half. Good football good tempo, Magennis and Novak causing problems. Unlucky not to score. Bradford better in 2nd”

“Not much Patrick Bauer could do to avoid that second yellow card. Stood still and Bradford player jumped into him to be obstructed”

“As far as 0-0’s go, that was pretty entertaining. Decent point against a good Bradford side!”

“I’d say that’s a good point considering we had a few players out. Bradford have been solid so far this season.”

“Great effort lads we should of won! Bradford didn’t show their(sic) fourth in the league. We were unlucky not to get 3 points yesterday”

Manager’s view

“I don’t think many teams would come here with the players we’ve got out and try to win. Even when we were under pressure we tried to be on the front foot.”

And finally, there’s always one idiot who forgot to look UP the table before the game was played…

“How are people now seeing a 0-0 draw against Bradford a good result? Jesus Christ.”


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