Their View: Swindon Town 1-0 City

The usual, you know, ‘Bradford were decent but can’t score for toffee’ lines from opposition fans from Saturday’s second straight away defeat at the County Ground.

Attendance: 6,344

“Decent game, Bradford have missed a couple that they should have scored.”

“Lost our way last 10 a bit but Bradford didn’t really do much. they have missed a couple but so have we.”

“Unexpected, but sweet, victory. Just about deserved.”

“This was no smash and grab, had we taken our chances, we’d have been clear. Had Bradford taken their chances we’d have lost. Anyone’s game.”

“I thought today was a good battle between two decent sides. Bradford’s number 4 ran the midfield and their number 3 was ripping us to bits down the left second half.”

“A good honest performance from us, thought Bradford were one of the better teams to visit SN1, they moved us about and ripped us a new one down the left, looked more threatening than us but couldn’t get much on target.”

“Bradford were a decent side and I’d have their no 4 in our midfield. They should have had 3 in the first half. I couldn’t believe the miss before we scored when they ripped us one down our right and their guy only had Vigs to beat and shanked it yards wide.”

“The most pleasing aspect for me was the number of Bradford players biting the dirt. We were quite aggressive in a very controlled way with only Doughty getting booked.”

“Bradford were neat and today and I was impressed with your number 4 and 3. For once we defended like lions and were able to repel all of your launches into the box.”

“Should’ve been 3-4 nil up at HT. Then a poor 2nd half killed us!”

Player’s View – Goalscorer Anton Rodgers

“The difference today was that they weren’t as direct as what they normally are. I know they were direct and did use James Hanson but they had good footballers in there as well and did play football so it left me in two minds whether to help the centre backs by screening by getting in front of the front man or to press in midfield.”

Manager’s View

“If anyone feels like they can play against this team and not come under pressure, they are wrong because they are an excellent side and are at the top of the division for a reason.

The manager has got them organised and they play to their strengths, so you know you are going to come under pressure.”


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