Their View: City 1-0 Northampton Town

Not much to go on from last night, but meltdowns to more pragmatic views, Northampton Town fans’ glum views from Tuesday night’s emotional game.

Attendance: 15,935 (243)


“Shit selection. No tactics. Run off the park. Lucky to get away with a 1-0. Seriously Mr Page take a long hard look at yourself”

“This is ten times worse than the radio can possibly convey.”

“we are playing a very good side.”

“Bloody Bradford …what a bogey side for us”

“Fuck me. That was shit.”

“1-0 flattered us. It could have been a whole lot worse.”

“That was a complete and utter abject shambles. I cannot remember us having so little possession for a very long time.”

“Bradford were always going to win the game after they scored, we really offered nothing going forward to threaten them.”

“Page is chatting so much shit atm”

“I really miss Chris Wilder!”

Manager’s View

“I’ve looked at the goal again and if John-Joe O’Toole’s header at the end was off-side then I felt Marshall was offside for their goal”


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