Their View: City 4-0 Rochdale

​Compliments, thinly veiled criticism and some sour grapes, the view from Rochdale.

“Currently getting an absolute spanking at Bradford …Please please blow the bloody whistle”

“We simply don’t deserve to be going in 2 down, not by any stretch of the imagination. The first goal shellshocked us though and we looked like we’d concede every time they attacked after that. We needed half time to come about 5 minutes earlier.”

“I know we were weakened but I’d be very surprised if Bradford don’t end up in an automatic spot”

“full team out and we’d of beaten them today. Even with that team today we score one of them chances early doors we get a result”

“Well beaten against a good team. Sobering experience… We move on”

“Highly frustrating as we were the better side for the first 40 minutes. We fell to pieces after that though and our back 4 in all its various forms was terrible. Well done to Bradford for dismissing us with ruthless efficiency.”

“Bradford are a good team, and thoroughly deserved it.”

“The firefly impersonation the crowd did in the second half was bizarre but quite nice.”

“Well done Bradford, owed us one and more than delivered.”

“Good looking team that plays football finally, it’s only taken them a decade or so to get there.”

“Meridith and Marshall for me stood out today.”

“For me the disparity in the talent the two teams had available today was summed up by the two wingers – they had Mark Marshall who gave Joe Bunney a torrid time”

“…you won’t get many better strikers at this level than Hanson”

“I don’t like the sleazy flesh pots of Manningham.”

Manager’s View

“It’s mini-mistakes that have cost us. The first goal is disappointing but I think if we continued to perform the way that we started the game then I’m reasonably happy going into half-time at 1-0, but then the second goal is a corner that’s cleared and comes back into the box, which is disappointing.

The second half looks a bit chaotic but when you’re playing a team like Bradford who retain the ball then it’s very difficult when you’re down to ten men.”

And finally, this week’s absolute weapon comes from a Dale fan on Twitter…

“What a fucking joke of a club Bradford are. I’d be ashamed to support the wankers.”


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