Their View: AFC Wimbledon 2-3 Bradford City

From abusing the referee to some kinder words (just some) for Big Jim. This weeks look at what the opposition fans and manager thought of us.

Their View

“don’t think a draw would have been unfair but no shame in losing to a good Bradford side”

“That was fucking harsh. Draw would’ve been a fair result”

“Bradford moved us around the pitch brilliantly, never gave us a rest.”

“I think Bradford will turn out to be one of the automatic promotion teams, and the players will be gutted to have missed out on at least a point.”

“Bradford only came back into the game because they made a triple substitution that put things more in their favour. So credit to McCall. Ref is a total cunt though, as that wasn’t a pen”

“No time for the Bradford fans at all. Couldn’t stand them. Sweeping generalisation, but I’ll stick with it.”

“They passed quickly and (mostly) accurately, better than almost anyone else we’ve faced so far this season.”

“Unlucky to lose. Bradford are one of our bogie teams. One of the strongest teams in the division.”

“Their pen looked very soft and, as others have pointed out, Law was a class act.”

“Bradford just finished the game really strong. Physically too much for our back line with McNulty a real handful.”

On James Hanson (as he seems a topic of debate for other fans too!)

“he’s a workhorse and he delivers goals too. Deserves plenty of praise for his time and success at Bradford.”

“he won the ball in the air as well as Elliott in the first half and moved as well as Cork used to then in those final minutes he used his strength and experience and won the game”

“I am amazed that Hanson has ended up with two goals as he was average until we dropped deep and allowed to put better quality balls in.”

“The cross for their winner was lovely, and Hanson is always such a threat – maybe we shouldn’t have allowed the cross to come in, but marking Hanson from it must be almost impossible.”

Manager’s view

“Before they scored I thought it was a hard-earned point. Both teams were gung-ho and had a right good go at it. I thought there were two target men out there who were exceptional with Hanson for them and Tom for us. They played like two good old-fashioned target men. They both had a big bearing on the match, but unfortunately Hanson has popped up and had a bigger bearing on it at the end.”

…and finally, this gem…

“The ref won that game for Bradford. The most obviously bent cunt I have seen reffing a game since our Ryman days. He spent 95 minutes ignoring their barging, climbing, pulling and shirt tugging and penalised us for every single similar offence. Faced with having to return his bribe to whichever corrupt property developer owns Bradford these days he gave them a bogus penalty to get them back in the game. Hope he crashes his car on the way home this evening.”


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2 Responses to Their View: AFC Wimbledon 2-3 Bradford City

  1. anthony hughes says:

    The idiot who hopes the ref has a crash is he from a mental hospital in Wimbledon what a prick he is


  2. Paul Bennett says:

    Oh dear
    Always respect someone who uses big words on this site. I’m surprised the referee didn’t take the penalty to ensure we scored.


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