Their View: City 3-3 Sheffield United

I got this idea from a Roys View From, a Sheffield United fan. He takes a look at blogs/twitter/forums to give their own fans an idea of what the opposition thought of us. So it’s apt that the first post is dedicated to them. Rather than trawling through various posts, I thought I’d give it a go and post here regularly as to what people think.

“It’s a good sign that we can go away to a rival for promotion, not play great and come away with a point Bradford had to be at the top of their game to get that point and I think we can do better”

“All credit to Bradford for staying with us, I thought they were excellent too.”

“Still feel like we should’ve won today, but it’s early days, and the signs look very good. We’ll take some stopping.”

“What was the goal music that Bradford kept playing today?”

“It was like ‘next goal wins’ today.”

“Cracking match. Both teams will feel they could/should have won. 4 points from 2 away games happy wi that”

“United & Bradford will finish top two for me..”

“Good away point against 2nd in league, keeps the run going”

“What. A. Game. That second half was incredible unbeaten in 10 now (I think, lost count) and a great point against a good side”

“3-3 credit to both sides Struggle to find a better game in England today & based on that utd & Bradford will be rivals come may”

“nerves are shot. happy with a point”

“No more games like that please Blades. My arse can’t handle it”

“Would have taken a point before the game but disappointing to score 3 away and not win the game.”

“Rivalry between the fans but then completely sound outside of the ground, no silly folk. Many of their fans seemed like top blokes. Keep it like that and there’d be no need for a police presence, early kick offs in derby matches.”

“Never sat in the ‘non-blades’ end of a match before. It’s awful, don’t want to do it again! What I will say is, they appear to generate a much better home atmosphere than we do generally. They didn’t stop singing for 90 minutes so do deserve real credit there.”

“Thought you mixed up play well and disrupted our normal style until you tired later in game”


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