Their View: Bristol Rovers 1-1 City

Another frustrating draw for City but high praise from Bristol Rovers fans about the way we went about it.

Attendance: 9,043 (715)

“For me the best team that have played at the Mem this season for possession of the football and for getting the ball into wide positions. Perhaps lacking the finishing power to be automatically promoted but Law is really a class act in the middle of the park and whilst first half on actual chances we should have been leading they certainly took the honours in the second half…”

“Definitely a point gained. Bradford were a quality side and we knew that before the game so to get a point against a top 6 team who had many chances to win in the second half was good.”

“I rarely criticise referees but yesterday he was awful. As others have said got too much wrong and was very one sided towards Bradford.”

“Overall it was a point gained and we could have pinched it. Yes Bradford were the better team but for all their talent and neat passing if I was a fan and had made the long journey south I would have been upset that they settled for a point when they didn’t seem to have the determination to win. Thankfully!!”

“The ref was one of the worst referees I’ve ever seen, he was so one sided.”

“I thought the Referee was poor, an example being penalising our defenders for challenges he allowed theirs to get away with. Luke James was constantly being battered by the giant marking him.”

“Definitely a point gained against a good side.”

“one of the best teams I have seen at the Mem recently”

“Bradford played a exceptional passing game with Law their number 4 a pivotal figure. Shows we are short of that bit of quality needed at this level.”

“Decent and strong. Nicky Law was pure quality and what we miss in our midfield to compete at the top.”

“Not a bad result, that, against a top side in this division.”

“Seems it was a point gained rather than two points dropped”

“Very happy with a point against a very good team”

“Too often at home we’ve won despite making the opposition look better than they actually were…today I thought we gave a good team a good game that could have gone either way”

“Bradford were easily the best team i have seen at the mem this season,only thing they lack is a goalscorer.”

“They were good I thought their number 4 in particular was execellent and ran the game for them.”

“Great game of proper football today. Bradford best team we’ve seen at the Mem for a very long time (barring cup and friendlies) and we gave them a good test.”

“Very good point against a decent team.”

“Decent point Bradford are a good side impressed with their 4 Nicky Law, number 6 and 7”

“That was a good point in the end because Bradford were a good team and should have won. Their No. 4 was the best player on field”

“Bradford were a good footballing side that had us using long ball just to survive at times and to relieve the pressure and LJ will not thrive playing like that. Despite being out played at times our determination nearly won it and if they had put in as much effort as we did they would have won easily!”

Manager’s View – Darrell Clarke

“It is probably the first time in a long while that our goalkeeper has helped to earn us a point.”

“We started the game brightly. We knew what Bradford would be all about. The reason they have only lost four games this season is because they are a good side.”


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Their View: City 2-2 Gillingham

The draws make an unwelcome return as bogey-side Gillingham scramble away from Valley Parade with a point after an entertaining, if frustrating, game which saw Charlie Wyke score on his debut. Gills fans’ views of the game on Saturday.

Attendance: 18,840 (224)

“A backs to the wall effort against a direct and physical Bradford side.”

“Their number 7 was a thorn in the side throughout.”

“I think a deserved point for the character and battling performance. No doubt Bradford fans would argue vehemently about that, but 10 draws at home would suggest something wrong, profligacy maybe?”

“Usually a good atmosphere at Valley Parade, yesterday was good but not as “loud” as on previous occasions. IMO Bradford City is the noisiest crowd in the division when they get going. They`ve probably got the biggest flags in the league too, they should get rid of the drum though…”

“Good point against a team that will likely finish in the top three.”

“This was an end to end match and yes we created the chances to win it in the end.”

“Overall a terrific result and a very entertaining game of football.”

“I`m delighted with the point at a very tough place. No Team has beaten Bradford at home this season…”

“…sounded like we were penned back for most the of the half as their fans roared them on”

“Very welcoming place. Went with two young children, stewards and opposition fans were extremely friendly.”

“At Sheffield United I thought the draw was hard earned and we deserved some luck but against Bradford I felt that their goals were avoidable and that we matched them in every department.”

“Yes we still need wins but given Bradford’s strong home form and the way we have struggled away even the optimistic fans would be delighted with the result.They do not come much tougher than Bradford away.”

“Overall a good entertaining game to watch where we played some good football at times and a well earned point gained”

“Terrific result and great credit to the coaching side to have come away from Sheff Utd and Bradford unbeaten”

“the whole Gills team can be proud of their efforts against an unbeaten Bradford City at Valley Parade”

“Love it when all the “big” clubs fans complain when they don’t beat us! Bradford this week!”

“Great to get a point against a fairly strong Bradford, team looking more cohesive under Ady.”

“Imagine not beating Gillingham in how many league games now?”

“What an absolutely fantastic point TheGillsFC! A colossal defensive effort from all the lads.”

“Well Deserved Point there Gills needed that”

“pleased to see us pissing the home fans off again – hard to beat, frustrate the crowd – good signs”

“Decent point. Home fans booing at the final whistle.”

Manager’s View

“It was an unbelievably entertaining game and I thought we were first class.

We had a good game-plan, the players had worked really hard all week and we knew what we wanted to do. We are disappointed with the two goals but other than that, I thought it was a very deserved result.

As soon as we kicked off, we played some decent football and carved them open a few times.

Bradford are a very good side, they will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. They have a passionate crowd, it’s a fantastic place to play football and they have some very good players”

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Their View: Deadline Day

Reading through some of the posts and tweets throughout a, shall we say, interesting Transfer Deadline Day, I thought it was only right we assemble them all into one post so we can see Carlisle fans’ views on what was an eagerly anticipated signing of Charlie Wyke as well as Kevin Toner…and of course, Penney and Hanson who looked over the moon to be signing…

Pre Deadline Day

“Speaking of fans on twitter, this whole Wyke situation hasn’t half brought out the weird online fans hasn’t it? Both Carlisle and Bradford, some proper weird folk about.”

“Abbott can fuck clean off like. Was it not enough for him to get us relegated? Now he wants to stop us getting promoted as well?”

“There is no interest from Bradford city for Charlie Wyke.”

With the £250k + the £6k we are officially minted

“Fuck Bradford, he is our player and he leaves on our terms. If they don’t like it, tough.”

“I’m worried that it’s all going to be left until last minute meaning no time to get a replacement over the line and come Wednesday morning we’ll only have 2 forwards on our books. That would be fucking disastrous.”

“250k release … Is that it… Jeez”

“250k is that it. Which clown at Carlisle let them put such a small release clause in?”

“More game time for Shaun Miller who’s actually a better player”

“Bradford signing Jamie Proctor. they did say they were after 2 forwards mind. If its a permanent deal its looking to be around the 250k mark. May still be a loan mind.”

“Proctor is shite.”

“It seems the Bradford bed wetters are getting in to a bit of a tizzy over on their forum. Bless em.”

“Its amazing how desperate they are for Wyke but haven’t seen him play most of em.”

“Be the right move for him in terms of progression. Top end of League 1 and likely he’d get plenty pitch time…”

“Mind you that lad from Germany that Bradford are looking at might not be a bad bet and be good to nick one from under Abbotts nose”

“If it is true Greg Abbott screws Carlisle United once again. He’s a major reason we are in League 2 and could be a major reason we’ll be staying there…”

Deadline Day

“Honestly all the best to the lad. Bigger club, bigger wages and might be in the championship next season.”

“This time two years Wyke will be begging to come back, #bcafc in League 2 and #cufc in Championship. #RememberThisTweet”

“It’s sad when players get advised badly, Wyke taking a huge step backwards going from #cufc to sinking ship of #bcafc”

“Wyke car reported stolen. Perhaps spotted abandoned outside some ex-premier football club.”

“Halfway through deadline day and we’ve still got him…”

“Bradford isn’t much bigger than Carlisle with a harder catchment area.”

“With McCall away (at Oxford United) i can’t wait to see the smile on GA’s face in the pictures”

“Seems he’s on his way! Devastating but good luck to him at Bradford they’ve got a good one hope it works out for him”

“Glad I’m off work so people can’t see me having a meltdown…”

“I’m sure Charlie Wyke has a heart condition which means he can’t play football in Yorkshire @officialbantams worth double checking”

“@Charliewyke1 we need you to stay! Give us another 6 months and help push into League 1”

“Gonna be absolute hell on when this £12k from the Crowdfunding buys nothing but new lightbulbs for the scoreboard”

“yes i know charlie wyke said he didnt want to leave but im afraid money talks football is a business now”

“you can guarantee that wyke signing for Bradford wont be announced until 22.59 tonight”

“And the irony is lost to muppet Abbott whose one line refrain was we are just little carlisle we cannot attract the good players!!!

“These #bcafc fans gloating to #cufc over signing their key player/striker are giving me vomit issues. Give up now #gipworthy”

“Selling our top striker to a side that was well below us before the 9 year rot set in sums up our return to early 90s doldrums”

“Goodbye promotion hopes”

“Lazy Charlie Wyke gone, desperately need a goal scorer to step to replace that snake” 

“Thanks for everything @Charliewyke1 – you will be missed!! Good luck at Manningham Lane FC”

“Anyone else think the obsession with Abbott is a bit weird?”

Chief Exec’s View

“As we said last week, we did what we could to convince Charlie to stay with us but he’s come to the decision that his future is with Bradford…We didn’t want or need to sell the player, but it’s difficult to persuade someone to continue their development with you if they’re being advised to move on.”

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Their View: Oldham 1-2 City

Back to winning ways and back to cementing a place in the top 6. A creditable win at Oldham with praise from the opposition of City’s style and performance.

Attendance: 6,515 (2,871)

“Don’t know how we scored and kept them down to 2!! Credit to Clarke, Gerrard and Ripley, Holloway put a shift in…motm by a mile the ballboy.”

“Better team won. Ripley and Fane came out with some credit but fair play to Bradford.Not many will turn them over this season.”

“Can’t argue with that result. Bradford are a good side.”

“To me it was men against boys today – I’m sure Bradford had more players – it felt like they had at least two more! And pace and movement. Whereas we were slow and plodding.”

“Although the goals could have been avoided – Reckord’s fault for the corner and it wasn’t a foul for their free kick – they deserved the victory. Organised at the back, kept the ball in midfield, used width and were dangerous going forward and from set pieces.”

“The ball boy was a bit silly in front of their fans but he didn’t deserve to be coined. I hope the Police look at the CCTV footage and take the appropriate action. Disgusting behaviour from a handful of braindead morons.”

“Beaten by a better side.”

“It shouldn’t be news to any of us that we struggle in midfield it’s just been highlighted today by what was the best performance I’ve seen from a league 1 team at BP this season. Cullen and Clarke in the middle were impressive for them.”

“Midfield outplayed today, never got near any of their Bradford counterparts. Having said that Bradford were by far the best team I’ve seen so far.”

“Outclassed by a much better side. Can’t argue with the result at all.”

“Bradford were by far and away the best side in this division I have seen so far, Moved the ball about at pace and then quality balls into the channels for the wide men to pick up, if it wasn’t for Ripley we would have been looking at 4 or 5. Dieng plays his role well in the midfield tidying up and simple distribution, it would have been a travesty if they hadn’t beaten us with our midfield being so poor.”

“Today was a good test and we came up short…I have no complaints over the result the better team won, how they didn’t score more I’ll never know.”

“Bradford are a better side than us and enjoyed the match better than most at home this season.”

“Thought today’s game against one of the best teams in Div 1 exposed our weaknesses at left back,midfield and our lack of a fox in the box. Not many teams will beat Bradford.”

“I don’t think we were that bad yesterday. Bradford were just better.”

“I agree that Bradford were much the better team but dont think we could have complained if it had finished 0-3 or 0-4.”

“Bradford are a very good side. Although we managed a 1-1 draw at their place, it was an extremely one sided game and they played some lovely football. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything from this one (and feared a right drubbing).”

“Fwiw I thought no 4 (Law ??) Was outstanding for them while still keeping it simple. Really made things tick.”

“J.S. defends his team(quite rightly)over the Bradford loss and stated their hard work was not good enough to overcome a much superior Bradford City side.”

“A few quid through the gate at last, 2871 visiting Bantams supporters the best by far with only Bolton Wanderers and Sheffield United capable of matching it this season.”

“A valiant effort today, unfortunately no match for Bradfords superb movement off the ball. Mark Marshall in midfield was unplayable at times.”

“The Latics were chasing shadows for much of the game with the Bradford midfield totally superior in all departments. The folly of allowing Dieng to leave without taking up the 12 month option was there for all to see. The comparison between him and Fane was like chalk and cheese!”

“Absolute Top display of goalkeeping from C.Ripley if it wasn’t for him it could have been 5 or 6 – Bradford looked very good.”

Manager’s View

“Bradford were the better team and you can see why they are up there.”


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Their View: Shrewsbury Town 1-0 City

​Back to earth with a thud. A defeat to a team we rarely beat at theirs. It’s actually funnier to read the Bradford fans tearing their hair out after this result but, in keeping with the theme, here’s Shrewsbury fans’ views, with particular thanks going to NKP.

Attendance: 5,590 (924)

“YESSSSSSSS. Huge win”

“Bradford knocked the ball around well and looked lively but only really created chances from set pieces, when we again rather lunged into tackles near the penalty box.”

“I don’t remember a clear Bradford chance.”

“Bradford still resort to ‘hoof it to Hanson’ which is refreshingly backward. They never win here. Huge win.”

“Bradford looked a big side that Hanson came on didn’t use his feet once ever ball he played was headed or chested. Their number 4 was best player on pitch”

“Great result we were better side”

“According to the Bradford board, they should be beating the likes of Shrewsbury.”

“Bradford looked good and moved the ball around well but we stood up to them particularly in the first half.”

“Just looked at our goal which came as a result of NKP’s mistake.A more cynical player than NKP would have hacked down Dodds and taken a yellow card. He had the opportunity to do so but didn’t. All credit to NKP, though not sure his Manager will have been too impressed.”

“YES! Thanks NKP”

“With all our defensive woes there was something beautifully ironic about scoring because of a Knight-Percival error.”

“We should have been out of the game after 30 mins, with a bit more Bradford care in the penalty area.”

“What an afternoon at the Meadow. Best this season? That runs anything close – even Millwall away?”

“The team did great today. And we deserved that win. Same again next time lads!”

“Just had a look on Claret and Banters 19 page thread.
After you wade through the first 13 pages of pre-match comment, and then 3 pages of those listening to the match  on the radio at home and moaning about their performance, the last 3 pages are from those who were actually at the match. There’s a fair bit of praise for our high pressing formation and PH having done his homework on Bradford.”

Manager’s View

“Against a team like Bradford, who then throw big James Hanson on, it seemed like the second-half took a long time.That said, I thought they [players] were outstanding, with the effort they put in, and created the best chances, apart from the goal.”

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Their View: City 2-0 Chesterfield

Chesterfield fans go into meltdown following off and on the field problems, culminating in the sacking of Danny Wilson. Hardly surprising Mr Kettle came in for some criticism too.

Attendance: 17,416 (267)

“fuck off Wilson we’re a shambles”


“Wilson. Out.”

“Wilson has to go NOW!”

“Not a chance Wilson can turn this around……. he is totally clueless and needs to go ASAP”

“You can’t polish a turd Wilson tha might aswell give up everyone else has”

“Taxi for Wilson, go now twat.”

“If Danny Wilson is still here next match Dave Allen needs hitting with a big bat.”

“A big Kettle mistake stopped a big change in the game, Ched gets in front of the last defender in the box, just about to shoot and is tripped, clear penalty and sending off, ref waves play on and Evatt after the match says when he asked Kettle why it wasn’t a penalty said it was 2 players coming together.”

“Mr Kettle certainly favoured the home team today.”

“For the majority of the game we matched Bradford, but they penalised our mistakes. We had 6 or 7 really good chances to score but some poor finishing.”

“Kettle went for the easy option yesterday, keep the crowd onside. It shows you are not good enough for promotion! You relied on a homer ref to get the result.”


Manager’s View: Danny Wilson

“It’s difficult to put into words at the moment, we’ve conceded two goals with passes that we should avoid.

For the first goal we must have 40 yards of space around ourselves and we try and play a ball that’s never on and they counter attack on us.

The second one is exactly the same, the ball goes into the box, it’s flat and there’s nobody there and its counter attack again.

In-between that and before that we’ve had enough chances to get something out of the game against a team that’s in the top six. Second half we’ve had opportunities and not taken them, and that’s it in a nutshell.”

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Their View: Northampton Town 1-2 City

A fantastic comeback in a game of two halves. City were 1-0 down at HT and came back to win 2-1 on a freezing bank holiday Monday at Sixfields. Not much to go on this week as the reaction seems to be more towards Page than City’s outstanding second half performance.

Attendance: 6,931 (1067)

“To be fair Bradford are a wonderful side.”

“Page must of been the only person in the ground not to see that the second half was only going to end with a Bradford win.”

“Page learnt nothing from the game at Valley Parade when Marshall tormented Moloney and Anderson during the first half. I soon as I saw him come off the bench with Diamond and Hoskins at right back, we were doomed.”

“…it really was only a matter of time before they scored and once they got one they were always going to get another, and let’s face it they could have got several more.”

“We never got to grips with their bald headed midfielder all game.”

“Law, he ran the show at their place. We were warned.”

“Marshall was the problem. He along with Law tore us up time after time as they did at their gaff.”

“Nicky Law bossed the game from start to finish so why not put someone on him to nullify that threat even if it meant sacrificing himself for the good of the team?”

“We were so poor in that 2nd half i thought we were playing Barcelona but then i realised it was still Bradford City.”

“Sheffield United and Bradford City were several classes above anything we could muster and to see my beloved Cobblers being outclassed is hurting very much.”

“Was that an FA Cup game against a premier league team? Embarrassing to give teams that much time and space. Especially at home.”

Manager’s View

“I said to them that their honesty will cost you against good teams that have quality to break you down and Bradford certainly did that. We just invited pressure. I was screaming on the sidelines to us up the pitch and I wanted to get Revs and Rico up there so when we got the ball we had somebody competing to stop Bradford having wave after wave of attack.”

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Their View: City 0-0 Scunthorpe United

A third draw in a row for City and who’s the donkey they’re on about?

Attendance: 21,874 (1,591)

“Everything that Bradford was selling, the referee was buying. Should have had a man sent off. Booked for an offence and then showed dissent straight away that deserved another booking.”

“Can see why Bradford don’t score many. A lot of shot’s but nobody who looks like a quality goalscorer.”

“Overall I’d say Bradford fans will feel rightly disappointed with a draw today, they had many more chances and would’ve walked away comfortable winners were it not for some great defensive work from our back 5 – Harry/Murray/Charlie/Jordan/Luke all deserve big credit today – they harried and blocked whilst under immense pressure throughout.”

“Graham [Alexander] played for a point from the get-go, and we got a point. Well done I guess, but it wasn’t much fun for us who had to watch it…”

“2 evenly matched sides who were solid at the back. I think Wallace and Goode earnt us that point in a very tough game with a big donkey up top.”

“I guess it’s easy to do with 20,000 in the ground but I thought the Bradford fans created a great atmosphere, very impressed. Not only were all 3 home stands chanting, clapping and backing their team, they also appealed for every decision.. it definitely won them their fair share of free-kicks from a weak ref.”

“Hugely professional display by Scunthorpe. One of toughest away games of season. Onwards to Bolton.”

Players’ View (Harry Tuffolo)

“Hard fought point against a good team in front of over 21,000. We recover and go again at Bolton!”

Players’ View (Murray Wallace)

“We would have liked to have won, but I can’t see many teams coming here and picking up points.”

“It’s going to be tough where we are in the league and, if you want to get out of it, you need to get points from places like this.”

Manager’s View

“They’ve got good players, the crowd make it a hostile environment and they’re always a threat because of their attacking options.”

And finally, a nice word about Valley Parade from a fan who normally watches his team play their games in a shed…

“With the seats designed for dwarfs with two foot legs, the stadium surely needs an upgrade, and supporters need not complain about our catering at GP, one ten foot shed was all that was available for 1,750 away supporters, and it was laughable when the sale notices stated that their special deal of £6-50 for a pie and hot drink !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Their View: Walsall 1-1 City

Another frustrating draw from the draw specialists. Walsall fans’ views of the game on Saturday.

Attendance: 5148 (968)

“Very decent performance and certainly the better team in 2nd half. Osbourne rightly the MotM.”

“A very good performance especially in the second half against a good team”

“A decent performance, but we were lucky to come away with a point against a strong Bradford team”

“Etheridge kept us in the game with a string of fine saves – but on another day Bradford would have taken more of their many good chances. We hardly had a decent chance, and I cannot remember their keeper making any thing like a decent save.”

“Bradford in fairness are one of the stronger teams in this division”

“Jordi equalised with the 3rd of 4 good chances (about his hit rate as I remember) and it could have gone either way after.”

“Bradford had more chances and Neil Etheridge proved a great evener.”

“I really liked the narrow system, a master stroke against a Bradford side that will smash balls at you all day long. Preston marked Hanson very well all game but if Hanson won a header it rarely went to a Bradford player.”

“How some people can say Bradford are a poor side is beyond me.”

“Didn’t expect anything out of the game honestly but gave a good account of ourselves. Osbourne and Etheridge fantastic.”

“Bradford ARE a good side, I know a number of Bratf’t supporters and they are deliriously happy with their team (how often can supporters say that!) So to hold ’em to a draw, and have the audacity to score against them shows great improvement.”

“We more than matched them for commitment and determination but I felt most of the real skill on show came with a Bradford shirt. Thought we deserved our point though.”

Manager’s View

“Man for man, I thought we outmatched Bradford so credit to the boys because there were some outstanding performances”

“Bradford are a good side. They put teams under a lot of pressure and they have two wingers who carry the ball really well and two energetic midfielders.”

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Their View: City 0-0 Charlton

2 points dropped? 1 point gained? Is Bradford a mediocre town? Your burning questions answered by Charlton fans from Saturday’s ‘entertaining’ 0-0.

Attendance: 17,968 (618)

“We really did deserve 3 points on our excellent 1st half showing the referee was very reluctant to book their players, their 22 eventually booked late after numerous fouls that our players were booked for the first time they did something similar.”

“Seeing our three strikers pressuring their defence into mistakes was great and the only shame was that we didn’t convert any of the good chances we created in the first half.”

“Great afternoon. Had a nice pint in the ‘Corn Dolly’ real ale pub with home fans before the game. Very friendly and welcoming and good humour about football behind the scenes, explaining our B&W scarves and protest shirts.”

“Bradford play exciting open football, as do we now and it was disappointing to hear the half-time and full-time whistles. Not enjoyed a drawn match of football as much for quite a while.”

“We were the better side first half and really, really should have scored. 2nd half Bradford came back at us without really threatening.”

“Really good performance and a great match – if anyone asks you how a game that ends 0-0 can be exciting then this one should provide the answer.”

“We were on the ropes for the first ten minutes, but after that Bradford rarely troubled us except for a couple of counter attacks.”

“But I thought Bradford’s Dienge (sic) and Law were quality and overshadowed our central pairing.”

“…lovely to see a big ground fairly full. First half was ace. Second half was a bit dull. They had a good tricky winger who was quite old school and enjoyable to watch.”

“At the game, should’ve been 3-0 up at half time, hit the goal frame twice with their keeper nowhere. City fan admitted to me after the game that we should’ve taken the 3 points.”

“Mediocre town with crap pubs and away end. Think if we’d had fewer injuries we’d have won that. Otherwise a draw is fair.”

“First half we were really very threatening. Second very good defensively although City moans about lack of a finisher on their boards fully justified. Some great saves by both keepers. Haven’t enjoyed a game and a day so much for a long while. 4 pints for less than £8 very welcome too.”

“a VERY good performance against a good Bradford outfit which had us under pressure at the finish .. but all in all we were unfortunate not to win this…”

“1st Charlton game for a long time that I enjoyed being at. Both teams played football ending goalless was not a disappointment”

“Just seen Patrick Bauer’s 2nd yellow… what a load of rubbish refereeing that was”

“Bradford had quality and a great place to watch the football. They had a much better midfield. I have never seen such a slow Charlton midfield”

“Positive first half from Charlton. Should have scored one at least. Far too slow though and dominated in the second half.”

“Bossed the first half. Good football good tempo, Magennis and Novak causing problems. Unlucky not to score. Bradford better in 2nd”

“Not much Patrick Bauer could do to avoid that second yellow card. Stood still and Bradford player jumped into him to be obstructed”

“As far as 0-0’s go, that was pretty entertaining. Decent point against a good Bradford side!”

“I’d say that’s a good point considering we had a few players out. Bradford have been solid so far this season.”

“Great effort lads we should of won! Bradford didn’t show their(sic) fourth in the league. We were unlucky not to get 3 points yesterday”

Manager’s view

“I don’t think many teams would come here with the players we’ve got out and try to win. Even when we were under pressure we tried to be on the front foot.”

And finally, there’s always one idiot who forgot to look UP the table before the game was played…

“How are people now seeing a 0-0 draw against Bradford a good result? Jesus Christ.”

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